Funding for IP and R&D in New Zealand

There are many sources of funding, grants and tax incentives available to New Zealand businesses. We have put together a brief list of some of the key sources of funding available (as of 2021), but this is always changing.

IP Funding

The New Zealand government recognises how important intellectual property advice is to New Zealand businesses and provides the following IP programmes:

Venture Funding

A large range of sources of funding are now available ranging from friends and family, angel investors, high net worth individuals, seed investors, equity crowdfunding through to Venture Capitalists (VCs) and corporate investors.  A comprehensive list of sources of funding can be found here.

R&D Funding

Some common R&D funding sources are:

Where Do I Start?

We want to understand your business and how we can help you and are happy to discuss which options may be best suited to you. Get in touch with John Terry if you need any assistance.