Fee Changes for NZ Patents and Trade Marks

Patent and trade mark fees in New Zealand will change from 13 February 2020. Is this good or bad for New Zealand businesses?

Trade Marks Over the Breakfast Bowl

For a New Zealand shape trade mark, you must show that the shape identifies the trader. We discuss shape trade marks and the Kellogg's Nutri-Grain decision.

Ellis Terry is again one of New Zealand's top IP firms in 2019

Ellis Terry has again been ranked as one of New Zealand's top firms for patent prosecution and trade mark prosecution in 2019.

A Final Innovative Step: Australia Plans to Phase Out Innovation Patents

Australia is abolishing innovation patents. How will this work?

Reducing Reuse: Australia's Full Court Develops the Law on Refurbishing Patented Products

In Calidad v Seiko, the Full Court has confirmed that refurbishing patented products in Australia may result in patent infringement.

Declaration of Use for Trade Marks — Why and Why Not?

In an increasing number of countries, a declaration of use must be filed either before a trade mark is registered or at renewal. However, declarations of use are not a requirement under New Zealand trade mark law. This raises the question - is implementing a declaration of use requirement the right way to go?

Trade Mark Renewal Reminders — Should You Act?

Offers to renew your trade marks are often fraudulent. Find out the truth about cheap renewals.

Geographical Indications, European Trade and Indigenous Rights – a Fair Exchange?

Earlier this year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (“MFAT”) held consultation workshops discussing the inclusion of mutual recognition of geographical indications in negotiations for a free trade agreement with the European Union…

Educational Purposes Exemptions and Copyright

We look at the educational purposes exemptions under the Copyright Act 1994 focusing on materials used by teachers when preparing a teaching course.