Signed, Soon to be Sealed, and Delivered: European Union Geographical Indications

How do the geographical indications in the European Union Free Trade Agreement affect New Zealand producers?

Developing an Effective Trade Mark Registration Portfolio

Developing an effective filing strategy is critical in the formation of a strong trade mark portfolio.

Doing Your Homework

Registering a portfolio of trade marks without a clear business plan can be costly and may not give your business the advantage that you need. There are preliminary steps you can and should consider when choosing potential trade marks for your business.

IP in the Virtual World: Why Registered Trade Marks for Game Names are Important

Understanding the strength of your trade marks and the value in registration is an important consideration when developing a successful game.

Trolls and Your Intellectual Property

The IP troll makes money by holding what it owns to ransom. What lessons can the IP owner learn from The Three Billy Goats Gruff?

The Risky Business of Copying Established Traders' IP

Imitating the look, feel, and trade marks of an established trader is dangerous. We discuss how to balance inspiration and originality.

Revocation for Non-Use: Not for Busybodies

Revocation of a New Zealand trade mark for non-use can be a good tool in the right hands, but there are other options to consider first.

Can and Should an Incorrect Owner Name be Corrected by Assignment in New Zealand?

When a trade mark application is filed in the wrong name, this can be fatal to the application. We discuss whether and how this can be fixed in New Zealand.

Driving Research & Development in a Downturn

In past recessions, businesses that invested in R&D thrived. During any downturn from COVID-19, businesses should resist cutting back on R&D.