6 Good Reasons to Use a Trade Mark Professional

A question often raised by brand owners is why use a trade mark professional to file an application for registration when you can do it yourself? But like trimming your fringe with the nail scissors, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

At first glance, filing a trade mark seems a relatively simple exercise and one where the Office is at pains to make it easy. However, the wisdom of using a trade mark professional is often not realised until there is a dispute and your register rights are not quite what you need.

When making the decision whether to file your own trade mark application directly at the Office, there are multiple factors to consider.

  1. Trade marks are a business asset and should be created with care and knowledge of underlying laws.
  2. Knowledge of laws involves not just having a passing familiarity with the technical workings of the Trade Marks Act, but also knowing and understanding how the Act works in fine detail. Knowledge of law includes being up-to-date with trends in examination and case law. This mix of subjective and objective knowledge necessarily takes focused reading, working experience and time to develop.
  3. Pre-application searching is best done by a trade mark professional to gauge the risk of trade mark infringement, and the risk of breach of common law rights created by unregistered trade marks in use. The Intellectual Property Office pre-application search function does not include an assessment of unregistered trade marks in use. The Office search may also not account for misspellings or phonetic equivalents. All these rights can seriously affect your freedom to use and protect your trade marks and must be considered at the outset.
  4. A well-filed trade mark will meet the benchmark of current laws and will also accommodate any new business requirements proposed for the future.
  5. A well-filed trade mark gives a business the room to grow under the trade mark with broadest protection while not leaving the trade mark registration vulnerable to removal for being excessively broad.
  6. Filing through a trade mark professional means register rights and renewal dates should be noted on its records. You do not have to bear the risk of forgetting to renew, or being sucked in by one of the many spam renewal agents who charge extortionate fees.

It’s Not Too Late!

Trade mark applications can be filed at any time during the branding process.

If you have doubts that your current registered trade mark is what you need, or want to review your strategy for protection of trade marks, talk to us today.